Free Lighting Design Consultation

We offer a free design consultation to qualified clients. We will first listen to your ideas of what you would like in your lighting portrait. We will ask:

  • What are your main vantage points? (Where do you see the yard from?)
  • Are there certain paths or steps you would like to navigate at night?
  • What elements are most important to you in your landscape?

We will discuss the perspectives from which you see the yard and how you use the space. We will discuss various landscape lighting design concepts

We should have a brief discussion about budget at this time.

I then take panoramic photos and use these, in conjunction with my notes to create a design that will best meet your needs. Depending on the size and scope of your project, design times can vary between 20 minutes to 10 days. 

We will provide you with a detailed proposal covering the specific areas illuminated and equipment included with a specific price. I'll also bring my spreadsheet so we can use it together to fine tune the proposal to best meet your needs. 

Call us today for your free Lighting design consultation:



Our simple Request

All decision makers really need to be present for the design consultation. This way everyone gets input into the design process and reduces the time needed for redesign and helps us remain efficient. Please understand that we only install professional lighting systems. They provide a great value over time, but require an up-front investment. Our systems start at $3000. Limit of one free design consultation per home. Some areas not eligible for free consultation. Please call for details.