Benefits of Landscape Lighting


Visibility and Safe Passage

Good lighting provides access to more areas of your yard without obnoxious glare. Flood lights attached to the house can provide visibility, but cause terrible glare and can actually reduce safe passage and visibility as the pupil constricts and reduces vision. Proper lighting can help you safely navigate steps, paths and elevation changes. Quality outdoor lighting can facilitate the use of your pool and patio areas as well as children's play areas. 



Outdoor lighting can provide an envelope of light around the home. Criminals choose to burgularize homes where they won't be seen. A well illuminated home will encourage a burgular to choose an easier target. 


Beauty, Ambiance, Elegance

Lets not forget why so many think of landscape lighting;

Creating that warm glow and visual drama making your outdoor living space more enjoyable. 

Create a Resort Feel in your backyard and view your beautiful landscape from inside your home. 




Professional landscape lighting provides excellent return on investment. A beautifully lit home makes a great first impression and shows well to a potential buyer. 

Most of our clients will spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to create their landscapes. Most are also at work during daylight hours in the winter and want to experience their yards well into the night in the summer. You can leverage the enjoyment of your landscape investment with Elegant Outdoor Lighting. 


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