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Landscape Lighting Repairs

Repair Outdoor Lights 

Fixing Problems with Outdoor Lighting


We can Repair or Renovate your existing system

 Some lights don't work?

 All of your lights just stopped working and you need it fixed ASAP?

 Need a speciality fixture replaced?

 Adding Lights to your existing system?

 Not getting the same light quality you once did? 

We can take care of these situations and a lot more.

For a very reasonable service fee, we can diagnose and repair most low voltage landscape lighting systems. 

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Most low voltage lighting problems have  pretty simple solutions. But, troubleshooting outdoor lights can be a real challange! 

Hire us to fix your outdoor lights or look below for DIY:

Below you will find common solutions to your outdoor lighting problems:

Some Lights going out?

Usually this is due to connection problems. Pierce point connections (lighting kits)  to the main line tend to loosen and will have corrosion at the pierce point. Sometimes this can be temporarily fixed by squeezing the connection with pliers. A better solution is to cut the connections, strip the wire a bit, and reconnect using compression butt connectors with heat shrink. The best solution is to make a new connection with brass lugs and heat shrink. 

Another problem could be the socket is corroded. The only thing you can do here is to put di-electric grease on the connection ends of the bulbs and hope. Otherwise replace the fixture. (We carry a 15 year warranty on our fixures.)

All Lights are out?

This usually is indicative of an electrical short.  First, check the GFI and press "Reset". Your GFI button for the outdoor plug may even be in an indoor bathroom! Beyond this, troubleshooting landscape lighting requires a voltmeter.  Make sure you are getting voltage at the plug. If so, check the fuse or breaker on the transformer. Then check the clock timer. If all these are working, check to make sure you have proper voltage on the secondary side. The amperage coming out of the transformer should not exceed the printed limits on the transformer. If so, you will have problems with your landscape lights.  If the amps are really high, you have a short somewhere down the line.  You can check the amperage on each fixture to narrow down the location of the short. 

Landscape Lighting with Dim Bulbs?

This is a symptom of improper voltage at the lamp.  Because of every extra light you add and every foot of wire leads to voltage drop. Without watertight connections, you get even more voltage drop. Sometimes people try to get higher wattage lights to compensate for the lights being dim, but this just makes the voltage drop problem worse.  Check the voltage at the end of the line with your voltmeter to troubleshoot your landscape lighting. Is it less than 10 volts? This means the halogen lamp will not fire correctly and leads to premature burnouts and dim bulbs.  You can help this low voltage problem by creating a loop (using watertight connections) from the end of the wire back to just before the first fixture. This will help distribute the power more evenly among the lights. You could also remove some of the lights and run a seperate wire to reduce voltage drop. Perhaps you are placing too much demand on your transformer and need another one to power all your lights.


Professional Landscape Lighting

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Serving Davis, Sacramento and Placer County. 

Elegant Outdoor Lighting can provide you with an Artistic Lighting Design and  Professional Installation

We are fully Licensed and Bonded.

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Repair Landscape Lighting Testimonial

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Hi Scott,
Thank you so much for the work you did for me on my back yard landscape lighting.  I'm so pleased to FINALLY have closure on this project! As you know, I have had a difficult time finding reputable help and have had the misfortune to have hired "professionals" who do not deliver what they promised, and worse yet, didn't care to back up their work.  I was beginning to lose faith in the word Professional, but have had my faith restored since working with you, a qualified true professional in every sense of the word.
My lights are still working just fine and it's been  almost a week! That may sound silly, but given my prior track record with other companies or individuals, that statement says a lot.  I will be happy to recommend you and your services to any and all who are interested in low voltage lighting issues.
Thank you again!
Kathy Howard